Dental insurance is a factor in many of our patients’ oral care. It is important to remember that any dental insurance you have is a contract between you, perhaps your employer, and the insurance company.

We are not privy to nor part of your policy; therefore, the information we are given is frequently limited and incomplete. As a service to you, we are glad to file your insurance information, to accept assignments, and to assist you in obtaining the benefits you are due; however, regardless of insurance coverage, you are responsible for the total amount charged. That means if the insurance doesn’t pay what you expect it to pay, you are still responsible for the total amount.

It is important to note that we can never know the exact amount your insurance will pay on any service we render. Every policy is different and we handle hundreds of policies. You need to be familiar with your policy, any waiting periods, any deductibles, any exclusions, any special clauses, any time limitations, and any provider restrictions. Please read your policies carefully, ask your human relations director to explain it to you thoroughly, and ask questions. Remember, you are responsible for tracking your and your dependents’ maximum usage and frequency limitations. If you are not sure how to track these factors, our business team members are available to assist you in any way possible.

We welcome your insurance coverage and will do our best to see that you receive maximum benefits from your insurance policy. At your first appointment, it is important that you bring your dental insurance card and information with you. We will enter the information into our computer, which will help us estimate the portion you will need to pay out-of-pocket. We will also need personal information such as the insured’s social security number and birth date. Of course, our privacy practice assures this information is used only for treatment, payment, and healthcare operations.

At the time of service, we ask you to pay your estimated portion of the total charges. After we receive payment from your insurance company, you will be notified of any outstanding balance or credit. Please remember, you are responsible for all fees of service regardless of insurance coverage. If the patient is a minor, the parent or custodian who personally completes and signs the registration form will be financially responsible regardless of marital situations.

In the state of Tennessee, it is mandated by law that a dental insurance claim be responded to or paid within thirty days of receiving the claim. If you have a claim older than thirty days which has not been responded to by your insurance company, please contact our office. Our business members have experience in this area and can assist you with your insurance company issues.

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